Allen Bula gives his thoughts following his resignation

  • May 2, 2019

Following the announcement that our senior team manager, Allen Bula and assistant manager, Johnny Machin, will depart the club at the end of the 2018/19 season, Allen Bula has provided the following statement:

“As the season draws to end, I can confirm that the next 3 scheduled games will be my last as Boca Juniors Senior Team Manager. It is unfortunate that injuries and suspensions in addition to what seemed like a barrage of consecutive blows off the field have resulted in the squad having just 12 players available for selection. Due to circumstances outwith Boca’s control, the team was forced to forfeit 2 matches within the transfer window, under current regulations, any club that forfeits 3 matches in a season is expelled from the league. Every match now really is a fight for survival.

It was never going to be an easy task to take on a team with such depleted numbers, only 5 players remained from the original squad and no technical staff, in the January transfer window, but with dedication and the help of my Assistant, Johnny Machin, we were able to rebuild and keep the club from having to fold. Not only were we able to replenish the squad in the space of just 4 weeks, all the while playing our fixtures, but proudly we were able to increase the numbers of HGP’s in the squad dramatically across a wide range of ages. This gave the chance for older players to get back to what they loved and impart their experience on the younger players we attracted.

The results have been unfortunate and I’m fully confident that should there have been more time ie. A full pre-season without having to rebuild an entire squad and having to have those players gel quickly, I believe the results and club’s current league position would have been very different. The improvement in the results have been evident, showing the work being put in and we have been unlucky to not have secured a point or more in a few of our fixtures.

Myself and Johnny Machin will continue to do everything we can to make sure that our commitment level within the club does not waiver until the end of the season and that the club survives in order to rebuild and become a competitive club next season all the while maintaining its goals of developing young players.

I know that the club is in good hands to take it forward.”