About us

The club was formed and established in September 2012 when a group of lifelong friends from Gibraltar returned from University in England and decided that, together, they would form an amateur football team. This was due to their dream of running and playing for their very own football club

The name FC Boca Juniors was decided upon as the manager at the time, Lawrence Podesta, who was also a founder of the club, is a very big fan of Boca (Argentina), Maradona and Argentinian football in general. Aside from this passion for Boca, he was also influenced by the fact that the first official goal in the history of Boca (Argentina) was scored by a player named, Rafael Pratt, who was born in Gibraltar.

The league in Gibraltar began to grow and became more competitive when Gibraltar was granted entry into UEFA in 2013. At this point, in order to keep up with the league and its competitive nature, the founders realised that there was no other choice but to bring in players and more professional/experienced technical staff from outside the group of friends.